Ari Stidham is a multi-faceted artist from Los Angeles, CA. Ari has been performing onstage, writing his own music, and acting on television for all of his adult life. 

Ari made his debut on television as Ian, on ABC Family's Huge in 2010. Now, you can see Ari as leading character Sylvester on the hit CBS show Scorpion.

Ari has written, produced, and recorded three albums since 2010, with I'm Giving Them Everything, My Love being his most recent release.

Sanguinet Films was founded in 2016, with Ari at the helm as a producer, writer, and director of the company. He directed their flagship feature, Curse of the Siren, which premiered at Fangoria Fearcon in 2016.

With dozens of stage performances, and a book of art on it's way, Ari has a multitude of talents, and looks forward to sharing them with his audience.