all films produced by Jake Shillan, Ryan Curran, Jordan Stidham and Ari Stidham - edited by Ryan Curran - VFX and Sound Design by Pander Sera

            PERFORMERS: Ryan Curran, Jordan Stidham, Jake Shillan,  Tyler Prado, Hughie Stone Fish, Sean Draper, and Mikey Weisman

THE BALLAD OF ProfEssor Lou-Evelyn Rivers

an unforgettable performance of James Michael Filter's one act play "DEATHBED" 

a collection of short films by Ari Stidham 


Lou Evelyn Rivers: a professor of theatre, painfully accurate vocal technique, and dance. The resume doesn't end there. Tack on: a significant playwright in his own right, a Paul Lynde impersonator, an amateur oboist, and an ex-lover of Truman Capote and Mick Jagger. But these days, he's adding yet another title to his list, the title of: legend.


"If home is where the heart is, then my heart is the stage itself." - Prof. Lou-Evelyn Rivers 

We were lucky enough to find Lou in his humble home theatre--tucked away in the hills of Topanga, a breezy 5 hour hike to Grauman's and the walk of fame. His storied retreat is where some of the most successful young theatrical minds were melded. 

Do embark with us as we explore the mastermind and master classes of a master himself. Thank you.

Ari Stidham, filmmakker and website operator